Describe how you have benefited from the tutor’s guidance



Alvin Goh
– RI
I have benefited from his tuition lessons, improving my average marks by about 25%, from the early 60s of B4 to mid 80s of A1. His lessons, while covering the contents of the syllabus, have the distinctive edge of allowing the student to gain deeper understanding of the concepts involved. He showed me how several science phenomena are interlinked, and can be understood from simplest beginnings and steps.Besides this, he is also concerned about my welfare, at times discussing and encouraging me to pursue additional interests. He is not only help to guide me through my academic endeavours, but also my future goals in life. I believe that he is able to bring out the best potential from within his students, and he is important mentor figure mentor to me.
I am able to grasp more on the subject and answering questions using the formulas. Improved from C6 to A1 in 2 months.
Rei Chan
I have learnt how to better apply formulas and methods to answer more practical questions. Improved from F9 to A2 in 10 months.
I improved drastically, the techniques I learned can not only be applied in physics but also in other subjects. Improved from B4 to A2 in 3 months.
Yeo Yak Hang
Better way of science. Since school lessons has not been helpful. Use of concepts. Not common sense. Improved from C5 to A2 in 2 months.
Yeo Yu Qi
The tuiton teacher tought me some skills that i didn’t know before and the skills makes me to answer the questions. better and more organised. Improved from C6 to A2 in 4 months.
Wu Hua Ting
He helped me to understand the topics which I previously thought were very hard, as well as the basic concepts of the complicated sec 4 topics. From C5 to A2 in 2 months.



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