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Like my other students that I used to coach, you most probably is looking for a physics tutor who is a master of the ‘O’ Level examinations who has the following criteria



  • Is NIE trained with a Diploma in Education
  • Has a degree in this subject that he is teaching
  • Has sufficient teaching experience


You have found the right place. I do not only fulfilled the above criteria, but I can deliver results. Most of my students improved their grades by at least two and almost all of them scored Distinctions for the ‘O’ Level exams. Do check out their testimonies. I am particularly grateful to one of them writing me a wonderful testimony. But what I am most happy about is they not only did well for their exams, but also really understood the subject under my tutelage.

Physics is not an easy subject to master. Well some students may think that merely being hard working will help you to do well. I only can say that it is only true for some subjects, but definitely not for Physics if you want to score a distinction. If you are doing the following:



  • Practising tons and tons of questions
  • Memorising all the info from the textbook
  • Reading model answers from assessment books


And hoping to achieve a distinction, I am afraid you may be disappointed along the way and may even giveup and choose to focus on your other sciences.

The irony about Physics is, if you are using the right approach (TRA), Physics will then be the easiest science subject to score. This is because this subject is about thinking and not about memorizing. If you use the right approach, you won’t have the need to cramp tons and tons of information the week or the night before the exams.

However, you maybe in situation where you are left with 10 months, or worse, 3 months before your exams, and you are desperate; and taking your time to think and learn about the topics is not longer an option.

And yes, you are most probably right. And even if you are willing to try, you won’t know where and how to start. Panicking, you will resort to rote learning and memorizing. Needless to say, the most you can achieve is a B3, if not a B4. Some of you may even giveup very soon when you try on your own especially when the topics start to pile up and tests are coming around one after another.

So you really need a tutor to quickly guide you to the right way of mastering physics and the right way to problem solve.

The good news is, I don’t teach memory skills to master physics, because this method will hinder you from understanding the concepts.

During the tuition, I will teach you Heuristic Problem Solving techniques and Conceptual Problem Solving Processes to help you and those students under my tutelage to give logical and accurate answers through enhancing their understanding of the topics

If you are a hard working student who is willingly



  • to give up your old ways of memorising and rote learning to master the subject
  • to learn the advance methods of physics problem solving,
  • to be proactive in asking questions


then, I hope to help you to improve your grades by at least two and if you are consistent with my TRA methodology, I am sure you can achieve your distinction by the end of your ‘O’ level examinations.

Choose one of the physics tuition programme that suit your needs and budget; and feel free to give me an enquiry to clarify your doubts


physics tutor singapore

Physics Tutor Singapore

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