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Academic Coach & Family Care Consultant

Physics Tutor Singapore - Roland

Roland, trained in Specialisation in Design (Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Secondary School Education, has been a Physics Educator for more than 15 years. One of his passions is in developing scientific inquiry skills in clients in helping themselves to problem solve effectively.

Within his career as an educator, Roland was a school Head of Department for Student Welfare and Development for 6 years, where he continued his passion in understanding the development of human emotional capacity and intra & interpersonal skills. In applying scientific inquiry in social science and behaviours has enabled Roland to provide support and assistance to help clients to self-manage and cope with the challenges in life.

Roland continues in his passion by moving on from management and programme development to personal counselling and academic coaching for the 21st Century Competencies. Being certified as Human Behavioural Analyst with DISC profiling system, Roland is able to work with clients in enhancing their communication, relational and motivational skills. And as a certified Reality Therapist, Roland enables client to use Choice Theory approach as an art of motivation; and to use ReVisioning and Total Behavioural coaching tool for personal success.


  • 2002 School Caring Teacher Award
  • 2006 School Outstanding Individual Award
  • 2007 National Day Commendation Medal in the contribution to Character Development



  • Master of Arts in Counselling and Guidance (NTU NIE)
  • Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (NTU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
  • Certified as Human Behavioural Analyst with DISC profiling system
  • Certified Reality Therapist (WGI)




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